Lacking textbook

11 Feb

PNIEB is the new hot thing during this school year. Even in secondary, it’s happening since January in some schools, others since September.

We are in the middle of the school year and I am still without textbook, still using the curriculum and go for it. Happily some pnieb teacher friends have theirs textbooks, but in my school is still a no-no.

I remember the shocking news back in september when we were told about no-book until it arrives. Still without book, sniff sniff, really?

I have a list of Pros and Cons of this situation:


  1. I did my way (Very Sinatra). I choose what I think is appropiate for the unit.
  2. Opportunity to use different media: posters, songs, computer, etc that only the book.
  3. Student-centered according to their preferences.
  4. Authentic material if you search online.


  1. Need lots of time to research, choose, think and rethink material, sequence, lesson planning, etc.
  2. Can get mislead and lost focus of aim of the unit.
  3. It’s easier to just take the book and use it, especially if you have the material, the multimedia, tests, and so on that the publisher gives you.


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