I am starting a new chapter

For starters, Happy 4th of July!

Ok, I decided to change to new domain for 3 reasons:

  1. PNIEB has changed its name so many times that I have lost track of it. Nowadays, it’s PRONI. Who knows next year?
  2. I need to make a good cleansing of everything. Some post are sooooo old.
  3. You deserve a new syllabus, a new teacher.

SO check it out!. I am just starting like usual and with 3 children. I am taking all the time I want.

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On a break

Big sarcam sign please: “Thanks but my overloaded schedule: elementary, middle high, high school, 3 children and a house”


If you haven’t noticed, I am busy, really busy.

I am so sorry… I don’t know when things will get less crazy or when I am coming back.

I really love doing this but I have to sort my priorities and blogging didn’t come on top of list, not even my top 10.


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Mis warm-ups favoritos para empezar las clases de/en inglés

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The Ultimate Trial… Examen de Ingreso al Servicio Profesional Docente. Ingles para Primaria. THAT’S REAL! 2017-2018

At least on my state, this last month has been a rollercoaster of events. Finally, after teaching for 12 years in elementary on HONORARIES bases. It’s here.


I am excited yet petrified. I have a lot to study.

For my fellow and friend, HERE you have the almost complete bibliography to study.

NOTE: Most of the books are complete, so check the pages you need to study. NOT THE WHOLE THING!

Dimensión 1: Un docente que conoce a sus alumnos, sabe cómo aprenden y lo que deben aprender.

Dimensión 2: Un docente que organiza y evalúa el trabajo educativo, y realiza una intervención didáctica pertinente.

Dimensión 3: Un docente que se reconoce como profesional que mejora continuamente para apoyar a los alumnos en su aprendizaje.

Dimensión 4: Un docente que asume las responsabilidades legales y éticas inherentes a su profesión para el bienestar de los alumnos

Dimensión 5: Un docente que participa en el funcionamiento eficaz de la escuela y fomenta su vínculo con la comunidad para asegurar que todos los alumnos concluyan con éxito su escolaridad.


Almost all printed. That’s a lot to read!


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Spring Bulletin Board

I know I haven’t been around lately: 3 children and 4 schools. Well, anyway. My bulletin board. 

This year I have been obsessed with Snoopy… Just mentioning

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CENEVAL Practice


As you well know or… not, 3rd grade Secondary students must take the Ceneval EXAN-1 in order to enter to high school. If it’s not in your state, lucky you!

So I have 3rd grade this year. The last bimesters are difficult because they have their heads on the prom, dress, XV… and CENEVAL.

In order to get some attetion, students and I will review the topics of CENEVAL.

CHECK IT OUT: ceneval-english-practice


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Mail Day

My daughter is in Preschool now (1st grade… what!?) Anyway, in her school they asked us (parents) to write a letter for our children for Mail Day (October 9)


Honestly, I had no idea of the celebration. As good parents, we wrote a letter and my daughter was over cloud 9, 10 and 11.

She was sooooo excited that I liked to do a class about it. I made a mailbox (horrible, no pictures) and a big letter to explain to my little students the art of writing a letter envelope.

I gave them a letter and we sent it for someone inside the school: classmate, sibling, teacher, etc (I got a few)

If you want to do the same and print it, HERE YOU (mailday)




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Flashcards for 2nd grade Textbook 2016


This is my last day with my mother in law and I have to seize the day. Anyway! I have finally made the flashcards to go with my fan-praised textbook. It’s black and white so you can color at will or your printer works like that!


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2nd Homemade Textbook 2016


I finally re-edited this year textbook: HOME edition. Honestly, I didn’t do much, just added the spelling bee section at the beginning and I corrected two mistakes (like in the page below: BALTA is wrong. It should be BALTE). That’s it!


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Flashcards for 1st Grade Textbook 2016

So hello world! I am still busy but not so much for at least one week. My mother in law is on town and I am almost childless.


So, I have finally made the flashcards to go with my fan-praised textbook. It’s black and white so you can color at will or your printer works like that.


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